Figure: Male My Little Pony, G3 style
Time to Customize: 150 hrs
Medium: Sculpy, Liquitex Acrylic paint, hair from Baby Goody Gumdrop and Wing Song
Date: June 8, 2004


Vega was designed due to the lack of male ponies in Hasbro's new line of My Little Ponies.  I just can't have a herd of 60+ girls and four babies without a daddy pony.  His symbol is a harp, after the constellation Lyra, in which the star Vega is located.  His entire body is covered in fine silver sparkles.  Despite the hair looking somewhat pink in some pictures, it is striped yellow and lavender.   The hardest part of customizing him was getting that hair rooted in.  Yes, I pushed each strand of hair into his neck.  I'm working on a better way to root hair for the next G3 Stallion, Hunter.