Figure: Carnegie 1988 Parasaurolophus
Time to Customize: 46 hrs
Medium: Liquitex Acrylic paint, Sculpy clay
Date: September 25, 2004

Pictures of this dinosaur are from beginning to what is so far the end.  I am still not sure what I think of the blue crest, or the colors.  I may decide to work on him a little more.  This Parasaurolophus is supposed to be albino, so I think the purple is a little too bright.  Still, I had a lot of fun making him!  I decided I didn't really like the Carnegie model that much, so I modified it by adding Sculpy clay to the nose to flare it out a little more, rounded out the end of the crest, added the flap of skin down the neck, added a more pronounced ridge down the back, and cut the fingers and toes a little more apart with my x-acto knife.