New RP Missions


Mission 1: The Master Stone

The Master Stone, a powerful stone from ancient Poseidos has been unearthed and poses great danger to the island. It has fallen into the hands of Lee Crabb and has the power to lead one off the island. If he leaves, Dinotopia will be lost forever.

Mission 2: Egg Napper!

A sudden and most disturbing thing has just happened: Eggs have suddenly started disappearing from The Hatchery. No one knows who has done this, or how the egg stealing was done. Mother dinosaurs have stopped coming to The Hatchery to lay their eggs, for they do not want theirs to be part of this strangeness. So, a selected group has been chosen to solve this mystery and return the eggs to The Hatchery before it is too late.

Mission 3: Two Leaders

What happens once C'xoila and Azonthus are the leaders of their clans? The C'xsaan and Allosaurs have begun building a city; after all, the raptors of the C'xsaan have been living in civilization, and the Allosaurs want to. This city is halfway between civilization an the jungle, a place where caravans can stop. Sunstone technology has been brought into the city to make it a GOOD Poseidos and there are many strutters to help build the city. Some Sharpclaw are talking of going over to make alliences and treaties with the new allo/deinonych clan.

Mission 4: Leaving Dinotopia

Everybody always talks about what happens when dolphinbacks arrive on Dinotopia. What if some Saurians accidentally found themselves on the mainland? It might be fun trying to get back to the island while keeping the secret about Dinotopia. Maybe we could bring a few Humans back?

Mission 5: Tornado in Bonabba

When Stormtracer takes in 3 humans, 3 dinosaurs and 2 pets at the same time, she thinks nothing of it, since her partner went missing.
But, when a tornado takes her, her pets, and the hatchling, and puts them in the Rainy Basin, she wishes she wouldn't have taken them on.
Now a group of humans and dinosaurs must help them since the Albertosarus are starving!


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