Rules? What are rules? Well, I guess this role play does have to have a few, but I'll keep them simple!
  1. 1. I am the ruler. What I say goes and if you don't like it, go away.
  2. Obey the Code.
  3. When you do an out of character post, please make it something meaningful. I do not appreciate posts like "hey, how was that pizza last night? I thought the pepperoni was a little overcooked." If you do post something totally bonkers like that, then kiss that little post goodbye!
  4. DO NOT INSULT OTHER RP'ERS! If there is one thing that I will not stand for, it is insulting little hatchlings that shouldn't be away from their mothers yet.
  5. No Ruthless Killing. Killing just isn't Dinotopian, and hunting is especially against everything Dinotopian.  I dun care if you're a carnosaur; carnosaurs have dead saurians to scavenge meat from.

Well, those are my rules! Oh what will happen if you don't follow them? Well, let me think... Uh... I'll track you down and let MistReaver after you? Nah, too much fun for Mist. Let C'xoila cover you in mud? No, again too much fun for C'xoila. Force you to eat chocolate? NO way! Chocolate is all mine! Guess there's only one punishment I really can do that will keep you little miscreants under control. I can and will ban you from my RP. Any and all posts you have contributed in the past WILL be removed. Hey, you don't like it, look at rule number one. All removals or blockages are at my discretion and mine alone.

Have some fun Role Playing! Follow the rules and you should be ok=)

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