Raptor Attack!

Something brushed against me and my surprise turned to horror as I saw the gaping maws of the raptors. They were prepared for attack and I was to be dinner. Damn it! I knew I should have stayed closer to the caravan!

I froze in horror. If I even tried to move, the raptors would take that as a chase and attack all the sooner. Amazing how you try to add seconds to your life even when you know it’s going to be over in a few minutes. Well, I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of a chase; they’d have to take me right here and now.

I could feel my face twisting into a slightly demented grin as I contemplated throwing myself to the carnivores. Just what would they do? It would be interesting to find out, but I wouldn’t live to tell the results.

Silently, I stood and refused to look a single one of the many attackers in the eye. To do so would be a challenge and incite them to attack sooner. I could feel them surrounding me, their scaly bodies moving silently through the undergrowth with a distinct stench of rotting flesh following them.

The heck with it. Yelling, I threw myself onto the claws of the leader and felt my body contract with pain as his sharp claws dug into my chest. My life was ebbing away, but I could still think clearly. Soon, it would all be over, soon.