Library: A place full of loverly old books, or my stories, which are typically written during work or when I'm supposed to be asleep or when I've had too much SunDrop.

Autumn Aura-  I took some boxes down stairs, and came back up with this poem. 9/21/04

Cavity- Ever have a day that makes your teeth hurt? 1/04

Dark Room- Written for Creative Writing.  5/2/03

Banshee- Poem.  8/28/04

Ancient Light- Some walk in the light, some in the dark. 7/13/04

Midnight- Last night, I wrote a story! It's just a little something I was working on at midnight, so if it's a little strange, blame it on the hour it was written at! 5/21/04

Otherkin- Something I've recently discovered and chose to write about.  If you think you're Otherkin, feel free to yell and scream at me all you want.  I'll just smile at your animal soul and pray for you.

Allegory of Ice Cream- What do you write when you have to do a two page piece of strict dialogue and have been reading Plato's Allegory of the Cave?

Ghost- A true story of something that happened on 9-6-01, shortly after the death of one of my classmates in school.  I live in his old house.

Villains Have to Start Somewhere- Rated PG-13 for violence.  This is what I write when I'm very angry and want to destroy something.

Nieve and the Seven Short Gladiators- A rather insane take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs done for a Creative Writing class.

Dinosaur Vision- A poem that I had to re-write because I couldn't find the original!  2/28/03

Raptor Revenge- The story of Azonthus' history and why she left the Basin.  Completed on 2/11/03

Fading Light- A look at how Basin velociraptors deal with death.  In honor of my grandfather and great aunt. 1/22/03

Haiku 1- Won Bronty's Sauropod Barn Fall Contest.

Haiku 2- A child of the light...

The Hunt- A poem that I came up with at work, for some strange reason.

Dreamish Nightmare and Nightmarish Dream- Um, twas a nightmare I had. There ya be.

Sweet Justice- It's time the Power Rangers came to an end.  Think we can get Saban to do this as an episode?

They're ALIVE!- I got pretty bored and dead for ideas one night.  Most inspiration came from the ponies that run around my room.

Lantern Festival- The Sharpclaw celebrate one Dinotopian holiday.

McDonalds Robbery- Like hicks? Just read this one!

Missing Mummy- Mystery/suspense story. What happens when a museum curator can't find his mummy?

Attack! Someone is surrounded by hungry raptors.

Case of the Shrinking Room Uh... this is very odd. But I thought my teacher was asking for it when she assigned this journal!

Dread in the Circus Poor little Bobbo! Will he make it?

Secret Life Today is the day that we have been waiting for; the day when...

Temple Exploration Windy explores a sacred temple and the results can be fatal...

Meeting in Treetown Topic: Create a character and put it in an opposing setting. I chose myself after I just left the Basin and how I met C'xoila. It didn't really happen like that, but it made a good journal.

Sharpclaw Just me working on a battle scene where Azonthus becomes leader of the Sharpclaw

Thundercats! The topic was your favorite TV character came to life and what you would do.

Thundercats! part 2 Hey, I had to write a journal for Webpage AND Networking. So, same topic twice! Only I took a different view...