Dread in the Circus

This was it, the moment I had been dreading for two weeks; the moment when the monkey would actually jump! Oh, poor Bobo, he had been practicing this move for the circus for months and still hadn’t gotten it right. Two weeks ago, our agent had come up to us and demanded that we perform in the next show. Still, Bobo wasn’t ready!

I watched from back stage as the trembling little spider monkey climbed the gargantuan pole of the main circus tent. He put tiny paw over tiny paw scampering up that pole. Poor thing, he looked terrified! Finally, he reached the top. Posing at the edge of a large diving board, he squeaked in fear. His little clown hat and frill around his neck looked wildly out of place, yet adorable. The whole image of a terrified monkey in a cute little clown hat created great pity for it among the audience. Still, the show must go on and Bobo must jump.

He stepped out onto the platform. Wiggling his little tail in the air, he leapt straight out and flew through the air in a semi-graceful swan dive. Down, down, down, the monkey fell.

Oh no! It looked like someone had forgotten to put his pool of water at the bottom! The monkey would be squished flat when he hit the ground! The audience gasped as the adorable Bobo came closer and closer to h is doom.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the trapeze artists flew in and snatched the little monkeys tail, saving it from quite a messy death. Bobo scampered up the trapezists arm and onto his back. They swung back and forth for a while accepting the audiences applause at their death defying act.

Some time later, back stage, I ran up and thanked Hans, the brave trapesist who had saved Bobo.

“It was no problem, missy,” he said in his thick accent. “I not want to clean up the mess!”