Temple Exploration

I ran through the dark hallways. The pounding of my heart was so loud I couldn’t hear any noise if there had been any. “Hey! Everybody! Where are you?” I turned around, my hard claws clicking on the stone floor. “Where did everyone go?” I shouted, but there was no answer. Snarling in frustration, I ran down another dark corridor.

Oh, Goldmoon would pay for this prank. Sure, the temple is safe, nobody has ever been inside for centuries, no it doesn’t lead to the World Beneath; right, and I’m a neon orange and pink hatchling.

The plan had been for several of the velociraptor warrior trainees to enter a temple near the Sanctuary of the Clan’s grounds. There, they would explore and see what they found. I had been elected first to enter. The soft clickings and snortings of my friends breaths had been assured me that they were right behind me. I had looked over my shoulder and seen all three of them there.

Click! The sound reverberated in the still air. I lifted my foot and looked under it. There was a button embedded in the floor, and I had stepped on it. Suddenly, the whole earth seemed to turn upside down and sway side to side. A large wall fell from the ceiling, blocking the way back outside, and nearly crushed my tail. Then, the dark tomb was filled with silence. Not a quiet silence, but one dark and foreboding with the unknown. I did not like prospect of having to find my way in the total darkness, but there was no other choice.

I stood for a while, letting my eyes adjust to the dark room. Boy was I ever thankful that I wasn’t a human! I had heard that in nearly total darkness humans couldn’t see anything. Luckily, I could see dim shapes, mainly just the walls and shadow of the floor in front of me.

I continued down the shadowy tunnels occasionally calling out for my friends. After what seemed forever, I could finally sense the floor sloping downwards. Perhaps, I could make it to the Sanctuary. But who knew if they would accept me there? Who was to say they wouldn’t just kill me for intruding on their lands? Shaking my head, I turned to other thoughts, like how to get out of here.

Up ahead, the room seemed to lighten. Maybe there was a way out! Running forward, not taking the care to look where I was going, I was forced to stop as the pathway ended, right into a boiling river of Lava. Looking down, I could see the lava was many necks down, but the heat was tremendous and the room glowed with it’s red light. There was no way I could stay in here for long; the heat alone would kill me. Looking around, I saw that the path edged around the walls then lead to another tunnel. Perhaps following that I could get out of here.

I carefully made my way along the thin ledge, testing my footing with each step. This would be no walk in Bonabbas Gardens. There, I made it! Whew, it was good to be back on safe ground and not hanging to a wall over certain death.

Hot steam shot up from the chasm in behind me. Jumping forward, I cried out as the boiling water scalded my scales. I danced around as the intensity of the burns flooded my mind.

Suddenly, strong hand grasped my arm and pulled me down the dark tunnel. I could feel myself being swept up and carried somewhere cool. Whimpering, I looked into the face of the raptor that saved me. He was a silver and black Utahraptor; perhaps a warrior by the speed he could run.

I closed my eyes, safe at last. When I awoke I was outside of that temple. My burns had been covered in salve and bandaged and I was now safe.

The voices of my friends neared and they soon found me. Finally, I could just go home. No more exploring for me! Well, not until my burns heal anyway.