Secret Life

Mr. Harvey paced up and down the stage. “Today!” he yelled, “Today is THE day that I will turn MYself into a new person!” His powerful voice echoed throughout the jam-packed auditorium. “A person who is kind! Considerate! Loves his neighbors!” He was forced into silence as the masses roared their approval.

Everyone loved Mr. Harvey. He was the kind of person that could smile at you and you felt you had known him all your life and he was your best friend. Not only did he seem to care for all third world crises, he cared for each individual person. He was the perfect role model. Many people came pretty near worshipping him. In fact, that worship is why he became the leader of the newest cult, the Peace and Love cult. All that was preached to everyone was peace and love, peace and love. Very few knew the real truth about him…

As he finished off his sermon to his loyal followers, brainwashed beyond belief into thinking he was the messiah, he smiled and exited the stage. Once outside, he quietly moved into some bushes and took a well-hidden tunnel to another auditorium. It was here that he led his true life.

“So, my minions, many have fallen.” His voice was now deep and guttural. His eyes were red and his teeth dripping with the blood of those who trusted him. “Soon, we will gather a might army and fight against him who is God and rule the heavens and Earth all for ourselves!” His voice grew to a loud, bestial roar and his demons danced.