Something brushed against me and my surprise turned to horror as I saw Penny chasing Snarf again! Good grief, that dog has gone crazy! I had made a deal with WilyKit and WilyKat that if Penny ever chased Snarf again, they could take Penny and dress her up as a doll then go for a walk with her at school! ARG! I was NOT going to let my dogs dignity be ruined like that.

“Penny!” I called out angrily. “Get over here you blasted mutt!” Soon, I had joined in the chase too. Amazing just how fast a dog chasing a cat can run. Amazing that my docile Dauchound had turned killer on Snarf!

It only took a matter of minutes before I had caught Penny and was again holding her. Lucky for me, Snarf hadn’t caught on and was still running around screaming. Good, when someone found him complaining about my dog chasing him again they would only think he was trying to get her in trouble.

I rolled my eyes and headed for the back door. Once outside, I put Penny on her leash and left her to sunbathe on the deck. I continued on my way to the tack room where I had hidden my bow and arrows. The last time WilyKat had seen them… Well, I can certainly say I do NOT want to see that look on his face again; he was just a tad too eager to get his hands on them.

I had already strung my bow and had the arrows in their quiver on my hip and was out setting up my target behind our mare barn when I heard someone shouting. Great. Nosy Norman had probably come to pay a visit again. Not bothering to take off my quiver I picked up my bow and headed in the direction of the racket. If Norman had come to ask me out for ice cream or go to a movie with him again, he would receive a sound no; the arrows were just for the effect. He certainly wouldn’t push the matter with someone who was armed!

Rounding the bend, I saw Bobby, my neighbor, talking to Lion-O. Great, another problem neighbor. Bobby had two dogs that she would walk just so they could go to the bathroom on my mailbox. She had even set up her dogs kennel on the edge of our properties so I saw and heard those noisy mutts barking all day but she didn’t have to. From the look on Lion-O’s face, I don’t think he was having a nice meeting with her.

“Hello, Bobby!” I said, pasting an all to friendly false smile on my face. When I wanted to, I could really turn up the charm. “I see you have met… uh… my friend!”

“Yes, I have,” she grouched. “He was attacking Red and Brutus. This scally wag,” she always used terms like that, “was kicking them and yelling at my poor babies.”

“Now, M’am, I was just trying to keep them away from Melanie’s mailbox. I wasn’t kicking them or yelling, you know that.”

“Why you impertinent youngster!” She threw her fist up in the air and scowled at Lion-O. “I oughta… I oughta…” She was so furious she couldn’t come up with anything to do to him!

“Bobby, please. He’s not doing anything right now and if you just stay off my property, I can assure you that no harm will come to your dogs.” I discreetly held the bow behind my back. If she saw THAT she would think I was threatening her!

The old woman’s eyes gazed hard at my quiver and then moved up to my face. “Just you keep him away from me or I’ll call the poliece!” She began heading back toward her house, then turned and yelled, “And you get a hair cut carrot-top!”

Lion-O just watched her retreating form until it was safe out of site. “I don’t think even Mum-Ra could put up with that woman!”

“You!” I rounded on him, not giving him the chance to get away. “Just what were you dong?”

He held up the mail sheepishly.

“Hm. Well, don’t mess with Bobby.” I turned and headed back to my chicken coop of an archery target. If only I could get some practice in today!

I had carefully knocked an arrow and was aiming at the target when something brushed my leg. I turned and saw… Not again! Was I never going to get some time to myself today?!