Did you know that there is another world?  Or, there used to be one.  Iím not sure which it is, but I do know that Iím different from every other person who exists in this lifeless, metal world.  I feel things differently.  I can see peoples emotions glowing around them, like colored fireflies surrounding their souls.  Sometimes, I can change the colors.

The first time I realized I was different was in elementary school.  I donít remember what grade it was.  I could feel wings on my back, and the boy who sat behind me kept poking me.  I turned and glared at him, changing the blue glow to yellow.  He never came near me willingly again.

People will tell you Iím unremarkable.  Just a slightly overweight girl with too much brown hair and green eyes.  Thatís what they see.  Iíll tell you the truth.

I am over a thousand years old and have lived more lives than any will know.  I used to have great, dragonfly wings, and could cast spells in the fairy realm.  I am tall, and fearful to be near.  My hair is to the ground, and my eyes glow with power.  Donít mess with me, unless you want nightmares for the rest of your life.

Rudy made that mistake just last week.

I was in that torture chamber of a class known as gym.  We were supposed to be running laps around the track, building endurance for a mile run.  The hell with that.  I can run longer and farther than anyone here, but I wonít let them know that.  Power such as mine is best hidden; that way, when I strike, nobody believes itís me.  I hung near the back of the pack, not running fast at all.

Three of those brainless, yet oh-so-special cheerleaders had lapped me and were running just behind.  I could hear them laughing.  Then, one reached over and pulled my shorts down, making me fall.  They ganged up on me, pushing me down whenever I tried to get up.

Rudy Lopez, the coach, saw them and ran over.  He demanded to know what had happened.

Before I could say anything, those stupid cheerleaders said I had mooned them, and tripped on my own feet.  They had only been trying to help me up!  Rudy happily accepted this explanation, not wanting to get his precious little pets in trouble.

I saw the Day-Glo orange of smugness around all three of them.  Humiliated, I pushed myself off the rough track and pulled my shorts back up.  I smiled sweetly at the three cheerleaders, and the orange quickly faded to the color of old vomit.  I knew they felt worse than that, and reveled in it.

Old Rudy had the balls to give me detention and one day suspension for ďindecent exposure.Ē  Iím sure heíd have done the same if those girls had flashed him.  Perv.

When I got back from suspension, I again saw Rudy.

He was committed the next day for running through school naked while screaming about legions of Persians attacking.