Guide to Role Play

Hello and welcome to this Role Play tutorial. I am Azonthus and have been role playing for many summers now. These are just a few of the things that I have found out while playing in Dinotopia and I hope they will help you with your role playing, especially if you want to join in on my Role Play.


The most important part of Role Playing is your name. The name you choose should reflect something of your personality and be distinctive. I can't tell you how many Talons have tried to Role Play in Dinotopia, but it does get rather confusing. You can choose your name by rearranging the letters of your real name (I could be Le'manie) or choosing something you like. I came up with Azonthus by combining Amazon (Az is a warrior), Pegasus (I've always wanted to fly), and Earth (the earth is very important to a carnosaur warrior). You could also combine two every day words into one new name, like Sharp and claw makes the Sharpclaw.


Another important thing about your character is having a firm history in mind before you write. If your characters history is constantly changing throughout the story people get very confused. It is always easiest if you choose the characters history so it reflects something of your own. That way, if you forget something, you can just look back on what has happened to yourself and use that as a substitute. Another good way to keep your characters history straight is to type it out and save it.

If you do not want to use your own history and want to come up with something more like you, go right ahead and do so. Just be sure to keep it realistic; Stegosaur Skybax Riders are NOT possible, but a talking Skybax is. In Dinotopia, all saurians can speak some semblance of human languages and therefore communicate to everyone.

It is also a good idea to know something of the area you want your character to come from. Find a message board (I know a good one here for Dinotopian characters) and ask the people there to help you. Many people are more than happy to help and love talking about their favorite topic. I also have a small Map of the island you can use.

Good luck in creating your character!


The biggest and most important aspect of Role Playing is how you act. I'm not talking about how good you write or how well your character fits into the story. What I am talking about is your behavior. I, and many others, do NOT appreciate it when people just come in the middle of a story and create a character that absolutely cusses everyone out and makes trouble for everyone. You should act accordingly to the Code of Dinotopia and follow any Rules that are posted.

Now, for your characters actions in the story; do not write things like "I walk over and pick up the book." It is always easier for people involved if you write "Azonthus (or whatever your characters name is) walked over and picked up the book." The point of this story is for it to flow; I want it to be like you are reading a book.

Now, go out and have fun Role Playing! Here is a direct link to the board if you wish to join in on my Role Play.

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