Update: Something I don't do very often, but like to pretend I do.


Yay!  Another dinosaur sculpture/modification has been finished!  I give you, Nunca, a modified Carnegie Parasaurolophus.  I also wrote a poem, Autumn Aura, a few nights ago when I was in a rather down mood.  Thanks to all my great friends who help keep me going=)


I decided this time, I needed a little work done in the Library.  I have been writing, but nothing had been added.  Now, that has been remedied with Ancient Light, Banshee Midnight, Dark Room, and Cavity,.


I have been doing work with many figures, but haven't had time to upload anything.  Two new sculptures, Vega and Half-toe uploaded.


ANOTHER update!  Can you believe it?  Twice in one month!  Twice in one week!  Basically, just go over to the library and read all the new stories=).


Yes, I do update once in a great while.  Here's hoping this portion of my site will become a little more visited and updated!  I have been writing and drawing, just not adding it to the internet.  More stories will soon appear in the Library.  But, until then, enjoy a new picture in Work Doodles and pictures of a new sculpture!  I have also painted a figure to look like my good friend, T-rex Turner.  Raptor Revenge has been removed as it will be possibly published.


Yes!  I am alive, and drawing.  There have been some interesting things added that you may enjoy.  I've started painting my dinosaur models.  So far, I've got Azonthus and  Triforce.  We'll see who shows up in the future!  Also, I finished a commission for Minstelae last night.  More doodles in Work too. Added some hatchlings to Saurian.


Who-hoo!  Updated!  New pics in Saurian, and Work.


Holy Smokes Batman!  She updated!  Added eight more pictures to Work Doodles.  Lotsa new poems and stories in the library.

Well... I'm still trying to get this site up and running properly, then I'll start with the updates;)  If there's anything you want to see here, just email me!